Type Effect
Number of knobs 5
Input? Yes (2)
Similar to none

The Gate effect pedal can be used to mute out unwanted sounds from the inputed audio signal by gating out sounds under a given threshold. The Gate pedal also has a side-chain input, this allows for the signal from another device to be used to trigger the gate. For example, if a synth is inputed into the Gate and then a drum machine is side-chained through the Gate, the Gate will only become active when the drum machine makes a sound.


  • gate - Sets the threshold of the effect, any frequencies under the gate will be muted.
  • hold - Allows definition of the amount of time the Gate will stay open after the signal falls below the given threshold.
  • attack - Sets the amount of time for the Gate to change from open to closed, can give the effect of the sound fading in.
  • release - Sets the amount of time the Gate takes to go from closed to open. A fast release will abruptly cut of the sound once it has fallen below the given threshold, a slower release will smoothly change from closed to open much like a slow fade out.
  • gain - Output volume.