The yay is a humanoid sound that sounds like a groggy robotic man.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Add a pulverisateur,
  2. Enable the oscillators 2 and 3,
  3. Set the level of osc. 3 to 0 dB,
  4. Set osc. 3 to one octave higher to osc. 2,
  5. Set the waveform of osc. 2 near to 100%,
  6. Set the waveform of osc. 3 near to 75%,
  7. Set the filter to double lowpass,
  8. Set the resonance near to 68%,
  9. Set the attack near to 1 ms,
  10. Set the sustain near to 87%,
  11. Set the release near to 1 ms; Here you've got the sound of Da funk by the Daft Punk,
  12. Add a tube and link it,
  13. Set the drive near to 81%,
  14. Set the gain near to 2.3 dB,
  15. Add a bit crusher and link it to the tube,
  16. Set the pregain near to 10 dB,
  17. Set the rate near to 15%,
  18. Set the mix near to 100%,
  19. Add an automation on the frequency of the pulverisateur,
  20. Make the frequency vary between 25% and 55%,
  21. Play some notes.

You should get a yay sound.

Example Edit

At 0:29. Click on remix. grimebot_full_trackgrimebot_full_track