The Walking Away's lead became very popular in late noughties in electro house. First there is the note, and then there is a glide effect that you can temporary add between two notes to make a funny effect.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a pulverisateur,
  3. Enable the oscillators 1, 2 and 3,
  4. Put a square wave to the two oscillators 1 and 2,
  5. Put a sawtooth wave to the oscillator 3,
  6. Detune the oscillator 1 to -0.01 cents,
  7. Detune the oscillator 2 to 0.01 cents,
  8. Put the octave of the oscillator 3 to -1,
  9. Set the volume level of the oscillator 3 around -4.635dB,
  10. For the amplification envelop, set an attack to 0.998 ms,
  11. Set a decay to 1.195 sec,
  12. Set a sustain to 100.00%,
  13. Set a release to 151.008 ms,
  14. Set the filter to double lowpass,
  15. Set the filter frequency around 28.053%,
  16. Set the filter resonance around 11.297%,
  17. For the filter envelop, set an attack to 0.998 ms,
  18. Set a decay to 1.195 sec,
  19. Set a sustain to 33.21%,
  20. Set a release to 9.941 sec,
  21. Set the filter amount around 50%,
  22. Add a Chorus and link it,
  23. Play a note,

You should get the basic sound. Now let's add some glide to the sound.

  1. Add an automation on the glide,
  2. Play two notes, one after the other,
  3. Add a glide around 426.223 ms only between those two notes,
  4. Repeat this effect whenever you want in your track.

You should get a glide effect on your sound.

Example Edit