It's not the Van Halen's lead in Jump, it's the sound of a whole decade, this with The Final Countdown by Europe and Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer. This sound is a brass which is not so hard to make.

Appears in Edit

What you need Edit

How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a Heisenberg,
  3. Add three notes, for example G-4, B-4 and D-4
  4. Put a sawtooth down for the four oscillators,
  5. Detune the oscillator A around -0.08 cents of offset,
  6. Put the volume of the oscillators A, B and D around -4.294dB,
  7. The idea is to get a brass, so detune the oscillator B around 0.19 cents of offset,
  8. Modulate oscillator B by itself (i.e. the cell on the second column on the second row) to 2%,
  9. Detune the oscillator C around 0.25 cents of offset,
  10. Modulate oscillator C by itself (i.e. the cell on the second column on the second row) to 1%,
  11. Put the volume of the oscillator around 0.000dB,
  12. Detune the oscillator D around -0.18 cents of offset,
  13. Modulate oscillator D by itself (i.e. the cell on the second column on the second row) to 3%,
  14. On the main envelope, set an attack time of 4.9 ms,
  15. Set an attack bend of 25% (default),
  16. Set an decay time of 581.3 ms,
  17. Set an decay bend of 14.97%,
  18. Set a sustain of 20.92%,
  19. Set a release time of 59.8 ms,
  20. Set a release bend of 31.11%,
  21. Set the filter order to 24db,
  22. Set the filter cutoff around 93.926%,
  23. Set the filter resonance around 15.182%,
  24. Put the unisono amount to 2,
  25. Add a Chorus and link it,
  26. Set the delay around 20.000 ms (default),
  27. Set the speed around 4.53%,
  28. Set the depth around 36.25%,
  29. Set the spread around 0.00% (default),
  30. Add a Reverb and link it to the Chorus.

You should get a sound close to the lead of Jump.

Example Edit

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