The trancey supersaw is one of the most melodic sound of the electronic music. As its name suggests, the supersaw is based on saws. It's sweet and calm. It is THE sound of the trance music.

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What you need Edit

How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a Heisenberg,
  3. Put a sawtooth down wave for the oscillators A and B,
  4. Put the volume of the oscillators A and B to 0.000 dB,
  5. Detune the oscillator B to 12 semitones (one octave up),
  6. On the main envelope, check the tempo synchronization,
  7. Set an attack bend around 94.91%,
  8. Set an attack time of 9/16,
  9. Set a decay time of 4/1,
  10. Set a sustain of 100.00%,
  11. Set a release bend around 15.96%,
  12. Set a release time of 4/1,
  13. On the envelope 2, set an attack bend around 78.13%,
  14. Set an attack time of 4/1,
  15. Set a decay time of 7/16,
  16. Set a sustain of 100.00%
  17. Set a release bend around 28.99%,
  18. Set a release time of 2/1,
  19. Set filter order to 12 db,
  20. Set filter cutoff to 12.273%,
  21. Set filter resonance to 15.182%,
  22. Set the envelope 2 cutoff to 100.000%,
  23. Set the unisono to 4,
  24. Set the detune around 0.14 Cents,
  25. Set the spread around 85.663%,
  26. Add a Reverb and link it,
  27. Set the room size around 127.99 ms,
  28. Set the level around 44.40%,
  29. To remove some glitches, add an Graphical Equalizer and link it to the Reverb,
  30. For A, set the gain around -5.598dB,
  31. Set the frequency around 333.151Hz,
  32. Set the quantity around 31.35%,
  33. For B, set the gain around 4.879dB,
  34. Set the frequency around 7266.226Hz,
  35. Set the quantity around 16.98%,
  36. Play a note or a chord.

You should get a long synthetic layer.

Example Edit

At 0:13. Click on remix. hemorrhagehemorrhage