The Strings of suspense is a high-pitched continuous note of strings used to make the listener wanting the following. It creates an effect of suspense or threat.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a Heisenberg,
  3. Add a long note, for example C-7,
  4. On the main envelope, set an attack time of 2295.8 ms,
  5. Set an attack bend of 25%,
  6. Set an decay time of 400.6 ms,
  7. Set a sustain of 100%,
  8. Set a release time of 10000.0 ms,
  9. Set a release bend of 75%,
  10. Put a sawtooth down for the oscillator A,
  11. Put 12 cents of offset,
  12. Put a square for the oscillator B,
  13. Put a sawtooth up for the oscillator C,
  14. Put the volume of the oscillator A, B and C to 100%,
  15. Put a sinus for the oscillator D,
  16. Add a phase modulation of oscillator D on oscillator C (i.e. the cell on the last column on the third row) to 37,
  17. Set the LFO 1 phase offset to 0% (default),
  18. Put a sinus for the LFO 1 (default),
  19. Set the rate to 0.606,
  20. Set the time sync to off,
  21. Set LFO 1 to 24 for the oscillator A,
  22. Set the LFO 2 phase offset to 65.00%,
  23. Put a sinus for the LFO 2 (default),
  24. Set the time sync to off,
  25. Set the rate to 11.985,
  26. Set LFO 2 to 21 for the oscillator B,
  27. Set the filter highpass to 100.000%,
  28. Set the filter cutoff to 94.215%,
  29. Set the filter resonance to 12.727%,
  30. Add a Stereo Detune and link it,
  31. Set the tune to 20.216%,
  32. Set the delay to 100.00%.

You should get a high-pitched continuous note of strings.

Example Edit

(no example)