The lead of Sandstorm by Darude is an irritating sound. Although the method is simple, it is hard to get because the knobs are set by ear sleepwalking.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a Heisenberg,
  3. Put a sawtooth down wave for the oscillators A and B,
  4. Put the volume of the oscillators A and B to 0.000dB,
  5. Detune the oscillator B to -36 semitones (3 octaves down),
  6. On the main envelope, set an attack time of 1.0 ms (default),
  7. Set a sustain of 100.00%,
  8. Set a release time of 1.0 ms,
  9. Set the filter order to 36db to have a large bandwidth,
  10. Set the key tracking to +100% in order that the resonance effect can be applied for any notes,
  11. Set the filter cutoff around 25.207%,
  12. Set the filter resonance around 100.000% to make the sound irritating,
  13. Add a Tube and link it,
  14. Add a Reverb and link it to the Tube,
  15. Set the room size around 31.57ms,
  16. Set the level around 48.87%,
  17. Play a note.

You should get the sound. You can try to improve the render of the sound by moving the filter point in any direction. Move it slowly to test any position.

Example Edit