The reese bass is the bass used in the early drum and bass track. It is a dull sound.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a Heisenberg,
  3. Put a sine wave for the oscillator A (default),
  4. Detune the oscillator A to -24 semitones (2 octaves down),
  5. Put a André Weil wave for the oscillator B,
  6. Detune the oscillator A to -36 semitones (3 octaves down),
  7. Add a phase modulation of oscillator B on oscillator A (i.e. the cell on the second column on the first row) to 34,
  8. Put a Wihelm Conrad Röntgen wave for the oscillator C,
  9. Put the volume of the oscillators A and C to 0.000dB,
  10. Put a Peter Higgs wave for the oscillator D,
  11. Add a phase modulation of oscillator D on oscillator C (i.e. the cell on the last column on the third row) to 32,
  12. On the main envelope, set an attack time of 77.2 ms,
  13. Set a sustain of 100.00%,
  14. Set the filter cutoff around 34.380%,
  15. Set the filter resonance around 24.909%,
  16. Add a Chorus and link it,
  17. Set the delay to 20.000 ms (default),
  18. Set the speed to 24.78%,
  19. Set the depth to 82.75%,
  20. Add a Slope and link it to the Chorus,
  21. Select the Notch mode,
  22. Set the frequency around 610.81 Hz,
  23. Set the resonance around 20.00%,
  24. To simulate LFO in the chain, add a Compressor and link it to the Slope,
  25. Set the threshold to 4.68%,
  26. Set the ratio to 1:Infinity,
  27. Set the attack to 6.10ms,
  28. Set the release to 6.10ms,
  29. To trigger the compressor, add a Tonematrix and link it to the Compressor on the side chain input,
  30. Add one in two note to have a note each 1/8,
  31. Add an Graphical Equalizer and link it to the Compressor,
  32. For A, set the gain around 2.348dB,
  33. Set the frequency around 32.703Hz,
  34. Set the quantity around 0.00%,
  35. For B, set the gain around -18.000dB,
  36. Set the frequency around 16744.036Hz,
  37. Set the quantity around 28.93%,
  38. Play a note.

You should get a deep bass.

Example Edit