The Hey Boy Hey Girl's lead is a sound emitted by an electronic device on the blink. It's incredible how simple waves can create such a good effect. Use it in the background to create an ill atmosphere.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a pulverisateur,
  3. Enable the oscillators 1 and 2,
  4. Put the octave of the oscillator 2 to -1,
  5. Put a sawtooth wave to the two oscillators,
  6. Enable the synchronization to oscillator 1,
  7. Set the destination of the LFO to the oscillators 1 and 2,
  8. Set the depth of the LFO to 14.729%,
  9. Set the rate of the LFO to 6.844615hz,
  10. Set the wave of the LFO to 37.63%,
  11. For the filter envelop and the amplification envelop, set a decay to 5.000 sec (default),
  12. Set a sustain to 100.00%,
  13. Set a release to 0.998 ms,
  14. Set a glide around 380.250 ms,
  15. Set the polyphonic to monophone to remove a glitch,
  16. Link the pulverisateur to an exciter,
  17. Put the tone around 76.24% (default),
  18. Play a note,
  19. Add a short note which is just higher or lower just next to the last one in order to enable the glide effect,
  20. Loop the notes.

You should get an irregularly vibrating sound.

Example Edit