This sound should have been a strident one, but the setting is soft enough to make the happy house lead one of the cheesiest sounds of the electronic music. This sound is slightly sputtering, sounds artificial but very lovely.

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How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a pulverisateur,
  3. Enable the oscillators 1, 2 and 3,
  4. Set the volume level of the oscillator 1 around -3.189dB,
  5. Set the volume level of the oscillator 2 around -9.006dB,
  6. Set the volume level of the oscillator 3 around -4.057dB,
  7. To enhance the sound, detune the oscillator 1 around -1.993 cent,
  8. Detune the oscillator 2 around 9.747 cent,
  9. Put a square wave to the two oscillators 1 and 2,
  10. Put a sawtooth wave to the oscillators 1 and 2,
  11. Put a sine wave to the oscillator 3,
  12. For the amplification envelop, set an attack to 6.581 ms,
  13. Set a decay to 4.975 sec,
  14. Set a sustain to 100.00%,
  15. Set a release to 7.643 ms,
  16. Set the filter to double lowpass,
  17. For the filter envelop, set an attack to 0.998 ms,
  18. Set a decay to 5.000 sec,
  19. Set a sustain to 100.00%,
  20. Set a release to 79.119 ms,
  21. Set the filter amount around 100.000%,
  22. To add the soft strident effect, set the destination of the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) to the oscillator 1,
  23. Set the wave of the LFO to 49.16%,
  24. Set the rate of the LFO to 87.897717hz,
  25. Set the depth of the LFO to 8.015%; the LFO settings have to be accurate; if you slightly move the settings, you will have some glitches,
  26. To remove the sounds too strident, add a Slope and link it,
  27. Set the mode to Lowpass,
  28. Set the bandwidth around -1.50Hz,
  29. Set the frequency to 6278.44,
  30. Set the resonance to 0%,
  31. To intense the sound, add a Reverb and link it to the Slope,
  32. Set the room size to 33.98ms,
  33. Set the pre-delay around 50.48,
  34. Set the feedback around 16.67%,
  35. Set the damping to 35.50%,
  36. Set the level to 39.75%,
  37. Play a note,

You should get a happy house lead.

Example Edit