The Pluck or Pizzicato created by Faithless in the track Insomnia is based on the sound of a plucked string with filters and reverb. Faithless has launched the sound and Sash! has popularized it with his track Encore une fois. It becomes a cliché of the house in the late 90s. The sound of a pluck synth has a pinch of joy and lightness and makes you startle. The notes are lapping on the water like a flick. The reverb adds a scary effect on the sound.

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What you need Edit

How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a heisenberg,
  3. Put the unisono amount to 2,
  4. Set the oscillators A and B to a square wave,
  5. Set the gain of oscillators A and B to 0.000dB,
  6. Enable the tempo synchronization,
  7. On the main envelope, set an attack time of 1/256,
  8. Set an attack bend of 58.36%,
  9. Set an decay time of 1/24 (default),
  10. Set an decay bend of 75.00%,
  11. Set a sustain of 0.00%,
  12. Set a release time of 1/256,
  13. Set a release bend of 75.00%,
  14. Set the cutoff of the main envelope to 100.000%,
  15. Set the filter cutoff to 0.000%,
  16. Link the heisenberg to a stereo enhancer,
  17. Put the tone around 35.92%,
  18. Put the stereo enhancer to 100.000%,
  19. Link the stereo enhancer to a second stereo enhancer,
  20. Put the tone around 66.67%,
  21. Put the stereo enhancer to 100.000%,
  22. Link the second stereo enhancer to a reverb pedal,
  23. Put the room size around 170.00ms,
  24. Put the level around 41.00%,
  25. Play several notes at the same time.

You should get plucked notes.

Example Edit

At 0:32. Click on remix. magical-n1xkfxemagical-n1xkfxe