The donk music has a distinct bass. It's like a sound that resonates in a round plastic box. All you need to make a brainless party music.

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What you need Edit

How to get it Edit

  1. Open the application,
  2. Add a heisenberg,
  3. Set a sin wave for osc. A (default),
  4. Set its semitones to 0 (default),
  5. Set its volume to 0 dB (default),
  6. Set a Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen wave for osc. B,
  7. Set its semitones to -12 (one octave down),
  8. Set its volume to -infinity dB (default),
  9. Enable the tempo sync for the main envelope,
  10. On the main envelope, set the attack bend to 100%,
  11. Set the attack time to 1/256,
  12. Set the decay bend around 32%,
  13. Set the decay time to 1/6 (but you can choose another duration for your donk bass),
  14. Set the sustain level to 0%,
  15. Set the release time to 1/256,
  16. Set a phase modulation with osc. B on osc. A (i.e. the cell on the second column on the first row) to 100%,
  17. Add a note (for example, D-3); You should choose a note length that fits with the decay time,
  18. As there is no modulation envelope with the heisenberg, we have to handly create it with an automation. So create an automation on the phase modulation with osc. B on osc. A,
  19. On the automation track, set the automation to 100% at the beginning of the note,
  20. Set the automation to 0% at the end of the note,
  21. You can notice the bad background noise behind the donk bass. So let's filter it. Set the filter resonance to 56%,
  22. Set the filter cutoff to 67%.

Now you should have your donk bass. Loop the note and the automation to repeat your bass along the track.

Example Edit

I don't know any track on Audiotool that synthesizes a donk bass but you can still listen to a donk track here (at 0:05). put_your_sunglasses_on_uk_donk_remixput_your_sunglasses_on_uk_donk_remix