The effect pedals are simulated electronic devices that affect the sound of an instrument. The effect pedals work by plugging them into the signal path of an instrument. The effect pedals can be used to subtly enhance the sound of an instrument or can be used to dramatically transform the sound into something new.

Individual effects can be used for specific purposes, for example, boasting one part of the song, combating unwanted sounds or to add warmth to a sound but the effect pedals can also be used experimental fashion to produce an infinity of strange, messed up sound effects. The effect pedals all have different functions and controls but all work in basically the same way. The effects can be manually activated by clicking on each effect's pedal under the controls or can be activated from the timeline by adding an automation region specific to that effect pedal.


Diffrent effect pedals


Tube effect pedal routed from the Beatbox 8 into the Kobolt mixer