Type Tools
Number of knobs 15
Input? 2
Similar to None

The Crossfader is a compact 2 channel DJ mixer. The Crossfader allows you to input 2 different signals and mix them like a superstar DJ. You could any audiotool output into channels A and B, you could plug single devices into it like a drum machine or an Audiotrack and mixer between 2 beast or sounds or you could plug a mixers into it with whole chains of devices and effects behind them. The Crossfader works in the same way any real world DJ mixer would work. The crossfader includes individual low/mid/hi gain controls for each channel, kill switches for those gain controls and a crossfader! As well as this The Crossfader also includes a parametric equaliser for each channel, individual volume controls for each channel and master volume and balance controls.


  1. Gain - Individual volume control for each channel.
  2. Gain low/mid/hi - Allows for the adjustment of each channels low/mid/hi gain.
  3. Frequency low/mid/hi - The low/mid/hi frequency controls are how the devices 2 parametric equalisers are controlled. Adjusting these controls will change the behaviour of the low/mid/hi gain controls.
  4. Mode - The mode selector allows selection of the Crossfader's different crossfade modes. Changing the mode will change how The Crossfade blends between channel A and channel B. Allows adjustment of shape of the crossfade curve.
  5. Balance - The balance refers to the balance of the left and right stereo channels. Turn balance to the left and the output signal will only be going through the left stereo channel and to the right through the right stereo channel.
  6. Level - The level is the Crossfader's master volume control.

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