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• 8/21/2017

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• 11/1/2015


My name is danny,  I just started using audiotool, (months ago)  With all tutorials its still hard to figure, Its great free app, I'll cutt my crap, My problem is with the 'pulverisature' (The pulverisatures interactive preveiw page , (i get better sounds on the pulverisatures preview page than audiotools app (music making (recording page) (I do no't use EFFECTS NO effects no reverb ,no delay no arpeggator on preview pag e However trying to create sounds on audiotool app  (i write down the sounds note for note, Drawing the pulverisature (nobs) copyied to create the same sound (or close) Useless its nothing close  listening too or change into something else hardly worth mentioning  ? If i am copying every detail why does the preview page easier to get sound?  (i do NOT use reverb delay, or arpeggiator  on preview page..   When making music with audiotool app on my computer will sound like shit Im better off playing dry piano barely see the notes on audiotools Interface ,  Audiosauna is so much easier
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